WD Photos Stopped Auto Uploading....Sort Of

Hi there. Recently I noticed that my photos were not automatically uploading as soon as I took them (when on WiFi). But as soon as I open up the WD Photos application and close it again, the photos since last upload are automatically uploaded. Like it needs a nudge…Anyone seeing this behavior too? Any ideas?

If I uninstall/reinstall, will the app attempt to upload all of my photos all over again?

Thanks for your replies!!!

I found that the My Cloud app only does auto-upload when app is re-turned back on when on Wi-Fi and begins upload easily and immediately. So, solution is to not leave app on indefinitely, close it when not needing to use it, Have it completely off, not minimized. When you are back at your Wi-Fi, turn app back on and all is uploaded.

Also, if you are using the WD Photo app, it is an older app. Switch over to using the newer My Cloud app.

Thanks for your reply. I use both apps - I prefer the older app for my photos, because it organizes the photos in folders by month, whereas the MyCloud app does not.

I see. I have a Pogoplug app that does same as My Photo, and the newer My Cloud app ought to as well! So, I just have folders I put uploaded files into after the upload.