IOS wd my cloud app


I tested that the IOS App named “My Cloud” will do auto upload to WD cloud device. I have 4000 photos taken in the past 6 months. They are all uploaded to the same folder. I also have an Android device. The Android WD app will upload but put all the photos and vidoes in separate folders named by the month/year. 

Can I confirm the IOS App (iphone app, version 4.4.1) is behaving as it should? I do like the Android behavior with the separate folders contain different photos/videos in different months. 

Is this something configurable in the IOS App and I missed it?

Thanks for your help.


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Do the pictures go to a folder with your iOS device’s name? This is how WD Photo used to behave on iOS devices.

Yes. WD photo will upload to “Public” and create a folder with my phone’s name. It will put upload all the photos/video there.

The WD My Cloud App (not WD photos) behave similarily. However, it allows me to change the destination folder. Even that it did not create a month/year folder to contains that month’s photos/videos like the Android My Cloud App. I really hope the IOS app works like the Android one, as i can leave it untouched. I worry that the IOS naming of the photos will starts again when i have more than 9999 photos/videos. I will have to manually move the old photos/videos somewhere to avoid this?

Hi all, may I have the confirmation on the upload behaviour? Will it overlap and replace existing pictures/video uploaded? This is specific to IOS, since the file name is a text string with a 4-digit number. It will sure recycle the file names after creating 9999 photos/videos.