Auto Upload photos Folders


i used to use the “WD Photos” app to upload photos from my phone to the “my cloud” hard drive.
since “WD Photos” is no longer available ( switched phone and can’t find it on play store) , i’m forced to used the regular “My cloud” app.

in wd photos the images were sorted nicely in folders for each month , i have about 7-8 years worth of images sorted that way , and it’s great.
the problem is that now, when i auto upload from the my cloud app it keeps all the new photos in the same folder ,not sorted by months, which is impossible to mange. even if i manually move my images to sorted folder it thinks that those images are deleted and keeps uploading the images to the huge folder.

is there a way to fix it? to make it upload the images into dedicated folders by months? just like the wd photos app used to do?

its very annoying that after years of backup WD forces users to change the way they keep their images and messes everything up

Hi Gil,

I am mentioning some WD’s Support KBA follow these links, might it help.

thanks ABBswiss7,

but those links are not helpful.
I’ve being trying to find a way to automatically sort photos that are uploaded using auto upload. like the old WD photos app did . i couldn’t find a solution for that in those links.