IS there any solution to Apple products not able to automatically load pictures from mobile device to The Cloud?? I have been waiting for over a year for a solution but I’m to the point I’m about to buy a different product that supports this.

Please help!!

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Have you installed the latest version of My Cloud iOS app and tried it recently? It specifically mentions for version 4.4.2 : “Improved Auto Backup feature” Does your My Cloud have the latest firmware installed?

At least one person reported their iPhone was backing up in one recent thread. There are issues iOS related that may prevent uploading a large number of files and this post discussed a way around that issue.

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Thanks Bennor for quoting one of my many posts about this (Why don’t people explore the forums before posting same questions over again?

Yes, gotta use My Cloud app today, it is the defacto WD app for the My Cloud devices.

Regarding the first post referred to in your message, the app is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. If it does not see any files in Folder B, it will dump them in it as it did in Folder A.

Another interesting post is this one I left in App Ideas a while ago. Read it, “get it” and VOTE for it; feature needs to be in the app.

Yea, the embedded link is subtle; you have to move your cursor along until the link gets underlined the way I put in a link at end is a better way to put in link.

Here it is.

Yes it is, don’t know why WD left it that way when they ported to this new UI for this support forum. Stupid, they should have changed the CSS (or what ever is used) to make the links more noticeable as URL links.

Thank you sir! Will double check everything you mentioned.

Bennor. did you vote for my App Idea above? It’s kind of stupid; can’t the engineers tell a good idea when they see one? No, they need votes, I suppose.

Don’t use iThing devices, so don’t care. :smiley: Just kidding.

There are probably a lot of good ideas, but they have to limit them to ones that can be easily done for the lowest cost (programming wise). Sadly when they add or fix one thing they often break another.

Thank you, everything works good now as far IOS issues. What I noticed now and excuse me for not starting a new thread I figured I would ask you guys first, I use 2 different apps, WD Photos and WD My Cloud. When I update folders using WD My Cloud it does not update in WD Photos. Any idea why or what I’m missing?

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I only use My Cloud app. because when I got my WD products, instructions told me to use MC app (because My Photos was an older app that is not frequently updated any more. Although I have read of some things that My Photos can do that MC can’t right now. Also, there is no reason (or ability) for the two app to interact, so they don’t)

So you know both apps better than some of us, so you decide which one is better. I personally opt for the current app, not the older one.

Not quite sure what your question is. But one can set the folder locations where the photos are saved in the WD My Cloud app program and in the WD Photo app program (at least on Android). In some cases its possible one or both apps won’t update until a new photo is taken.