WD Password: It isn't asking for the password, content encrypted

WD Password stopped asking for the passport.

I can access to the content of the HD but all content is encrypted (which is expected).

I can’t find the way to force WD password to ask me for the password so I can unlocked.

All WD software are useless to solve this problem.
Tech support solution is to send me to some corporation to take care of it.

There is a PC3000 PCI card but its out of my budge, plus I don’t have a tower PC.

Other solutions out there, based on an university research, works for some… they don’t work for me.

I am running out of ideas so I am all ears.

Hi Caristein,

Try installing newest version of WD Security and remove password. Even if you’ve tried it. Check what’s the status of drive under disk management and also share the screenshot.
Refer link to find disk management: