Can't remove my passport password

i think that i’ve deleted the software when i got it, anyway when i plug it in it prompts me to put in a password and only this appears

and in the unlocker folder (appears as a cd) there’s only two folders, locale and extras, both are useless.

what can i do? i need to remove the password, i tried formatting the disk but it didn’t work.

nevermind, problem solved, i downloaded security software from the website and it worked. thanks anyway


Thank you for taking the time to come back and post the solution to your issue. This might help other users in the future.


I have the same issue. What should I do?


I have the same issue, What security software. Please explain step by step process.


This is the software he is talking about.

WD Security for Windows

I cannot view my files even after I open the WD.

i downloaded and still not working