WD Unlock corrupted software. Wont ask for password, does not unlock


I suspect I might have accidentally deleted a file associated with WD Unlock software.
I usually plugged my drive, clicked on WD Unlock and then was asked for my password.

Now I plug my device, click on WD Unlock and I get an error message asking me to run WD Unlock in order to access my drive.

Please note that I DO remember my password. I have researched on this forum but I´ve been unable to find someone with a similar problem.

Any suggestions?



As a recommendation, please create a case with WD Support.

See if this helps

Thanks, I will

I got the same problem.
The WD Password stop asking for the password.
Now, I can access to the content of the WD password but most of the files are encrypted.

All the WD software available its useless.

The WD tech support it a disappointment. Their solution is to send it to some corporation to extract the information. If you have the budget.

If this would be an isolated issue, I would not be as disappointed; however, it seems to be common currency. It infuriate me because I used to recommend WD and I am finding myself with horror stories from my friends.

WD is in full cost reduction (= lower quality) and image damage control. The password feature is just a marketing stunt. A feature in which they don’t have a capable team to deal with it since they can’t come up with a decent software to solve the problems they cause to their customers.

If you have a tower PC, there is a card called PC3000 which can help you out. If you got the budget.

There is also some projects on the net based on an university research done against the encryption used by WD. So far, some work, other not. I haven’t got lucky yet.

I too am facing the same issue, and have yet to receive any communication from Helpdesk. The contact number provided to residents of the UK is extortionate as it is an international number. My first impressions of this company is that they are a joke and i would not recommend.

Im sorry to hear this guys… I did not find a solution for this and I consider my data lost. I will never buy another WD product or any related companies to the same holding and will do everything I can to persuade others to take their bussines to other company