WD Passport Wireless, FW1.06.06 and battery


two weeks ago I found new FW 1.06.06 at WD page. After some tries I was able to install it manually from PC.
All tries to install from a SD did not work in my case. Format of SD didn’t change situation (but this is different case)

Since FW update I notice wrong information at battery status.
While usage of WD Passport Wireless (WD-PW)via WLAN (Android phone connected) wrong status of battery is shown.
In this situation device is connected to original power supply which was delivered with the disk. Disk is powered on and
WD-web GUI is showing battery status “charging”.

This information is wrong!
WD Knowledge Base information explain it the other way around. For the time WD-PW is switched on internal battery will not be charged.
Device has to be switched off (or disk has to be switched at least) and power supply connected.

Today I noticed, battery is getting discharged even WD-PW is connected to original power supply which is plugged to electricity!
Actually at my WD-PW approx. 20k pictures are stored. Because creation of preview pictures is taking a lot of time, today I switched on my device and let it work. (as described connected to power supply)
In the beginning battery status was 98% capacity (+ charging but this information is wrong as KB stated) and roundabout 2 hours later battery capacity was 88%.
Battery gets discharged while power supply is connected?

In addition I found an alarm at WD-web GUI “device too hot”. Alarm came up after 1 hour of usage at the office with normal room temperature (24 ºC / 75,2 ºF).

Maybe new FW has included improvements for battery life, but actual status is not satisfying !

WD-web GUI is showing battery status “charging” while normal operation – this is not correct

Battery is discharging while normal operation with original power supply connected - this is a fault

Device is getting too warm in short time – this shouldn’t happen
-> in case of Li battery temperature have to be controlled very carefully (danger of damage and explosion)
-> if device is not monitored regularly it maybe cause fire

This is not acceptable !

Did someone else experiencing same or different “features”?

Thanks and best regards


just found announcement of FW 1.06.06 …


Resolved Issues:
Resolved battery discharging issue when device is connected to AC power with improved timing and added alert message.

not solved in all cases …

You need to read the two FAQs regarding the new FW and internal battery… To prevent overcharging, the WD will drop to 80% battery if necessary. Do NOT leave unit powered for extended periods of time.


I think the dashboard will show unit is charging just because the power is connected.

Hello mike27oct,

thank you for your response. I was reading FAQ you have mentioned and given information is heavy to realize in private environment.

e.g. Operating Temperature range

The Operating Temperature for the unit is 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F).


The battery operates best with a ambient operating temperature between 5° to 20°C.

I wasbuying this device in Middle Europe (Germany), in summer time air temperature is often above 20°C at home or office. Does this mean this device should not be used approx. May to September in this region?
Air condition is not common in private environment – even most offices doesn’t use it.
On the other side – to be in a room with maximum 20°C to run this device is not an nice option…

Conclusion: Mentioned temperature range of My Passport Wireless should be closer to real conditions.

e.g. Do not over-charge the My Passport Wireless.
-> comment M_B charging logic should have possibility to manage this point like every other battery powered devices (mobile phone, laptop, …)

Use only the charger that comes with the product.

->comment M_B I’ve done this - as mentioned initially

Do not leave the battery in charging mode for extended periods. …

-> comment M_B Does this include situations where battery is not charging internally but status “charging battery” is show (usage with the charger (that comes with the product))?
Every time the charger is plugged in the status “charging battery” is shown. This status “charging battery” is wrong in case device is switched on. As per definition My Passport Wireless is charging ONLY if it is connected to the charger (that comes with the product) and it is switched off.

Allow the battery to discharge.

-> comment M_B understood – like every chargeable battery

Conclusion: Device is showing status “charging battery” in the moment it is powered on (to work with) and the charger connected (at GUI via IP – but this status is not correct.
Device is charging when it is not active BUT not too long. Usability? A device what is not active/not used will not be monitored from a person most properly.

To tell the truth – for me it seem development of this device (SW and HW) was interrupted for bringing it on market. It’s not finalized – not WD typically !

Best regards


Hi , i have the same problem. And now it’s impossible to charge the battery again … strange
and when i look at the my passport.local it says that the disk have 2% with is wrong…
Do WD gave you any answers ?

My best suggestion is to contact WD Support.

Hi Mike
thanks for your message
i had already contacted the support at WD and yesterday they asked me tp send them back the drive. Don’t know what was the problem but they gonna exchange it…