WD Passport for Mac not showing up. SOLVED with Disk Warrior

Problem I was having:
• After 8 months of owning a WD 3TB My Passport for Mac Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0, one day the drive would not show up when I plugged it in to my MacBook Pro.
• Very important documents and photos on the drive with no backup.
• After plugging in, light would be solid for a few seconds, then keep blinking.
• If I unplugged the drive it would make a very short screeching sound.
• Drive did not show up on Disk Utility app on Macbook Pro but it did show up on System Information (an app found in the Utilities Folder).
•WD tech suggested I try plugging in to a desktop computer. So I plugged it into an old Mac Mini. Drive showed up in Disk Utility but could not be mounted or repaired by Disk Utility. WD tech suggested I find a data recovery service or software.
• Did research on Reddit and saw that Disk Warrior was highly regarded.
• I purchased/ downloaded Disk Warrior (cost like $130- expensive but my data was important to me and prob less $ than a recovery service)
•Ran Disk Warrior and it fixed the problem (turned out to be a problem with the directory. Disk Warrior was a reassuring piece of software because it walked me through each step and assured me that it would do no damage to the data. Took about 25 min and I had my important files back and the WD drive worked.

Long story short, Disk Warrior worked and my drive shows up again. Now I will back my info up onto a drive that is not from WD. Sorry WD but how can I trust your drives after this experience?

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I’m glad you were able to recover your files. All hard drives will eventually fail; some of them will not even show an early failure sign to warn you. As such, it’s best to keep a backup of your data at all times.

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Hello, I just had the same problem and thought all it’s lost. But I plugged the hard drive on my husband’s mac and it was working. I shut my mac book off and sprayed both usb ports with dust off air-spray. I just turned it on again and the hard drive is discoverable again.