My WD Passport is not showing up on my MAC os x 10.6.8

I plugged it on my mac at 7:30 and it was I even got to watch video from it. Then at about 11:00 I plugged it in again to save a movie but it wasn’t showing up on time machine, my desktop or finder. I went to WD utilities on my MAC it was showing up and it was showing up on disk utilities too. Whats happening please help. As of right now i am repairing the disk on disk utilities.



Hi, it is possible that some of the files got corrupted, doing a repair should fix any problems. Always remember to safely eject the Passport before disconnecting the USB cable and avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs. 

On my Mac 10.6.8, How do I retrieve??? I have downloaded the turbo installer & WD Smartware, but still not showing up??? Would appreciate your help, lot of family pictures at stake!



In order to retrieve a WD SmartWare backup please follow the steps in the following link. Please note this will only work if you did use WD SmartWare to copy your files instead of Apple Time Machine or any other 3rd party application:

I have similar or even the same problem with my WD My Passport [Deleted] (500MB). Mac OS repair programm can’t fix an external drive. The drive is visible but only as WD SmartWare. My Passport is not visible.

Is there any more sophisticated tool to fix the problem? What should I do?


I done this procedure on Mac once more. This time it helped.