My Passport for Mac not recognized

My Passport for Mac has been working fine, now all of the sudden my Mac will not recognize it. It does not show up in Disk Utility. I can hear it running and the light is on. Can anyone help with this problem? I would really like to recover the data. It is only three months.

Did you check the drive on a different computer???
also Try a different USB cable.

Yes, I have tried it on multiple Macs with a different power source. Any other tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. The data recovery options WD suggest are not affordable. It would be nice if WD would cover this in their
warranty, especially if there is no physical damage to the drive.

I have seen several issues with My Passport drives on Mac. Mine is not mounting. And it was working perfectly fine. How much are they charging for the repair or data salvage?

I advise you to reset the Mac Firmware settings which means reset the SMC & NVRAM