WD passport failed the Quick Test

Its been a year since I ve been using My Passport. But earlier today after i plugged the drive in Windows 7 laptop it wasnt showing up in my computer. In drive management the drive failed to initialize throwing some kind of an I/O error and it was showing 1TB of unallocated space which I cant change to fresh partition. I performed a Quick SMART test and it displayed this:  Quick Test Failed.jpg

Status code-03 failure checkpoint=98

I ve some 800 GB of data in that drive

please give me some solutions.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Try a different USB cable, also i recommend trying on a different port or computer to see if you are able to access the drive. 

I’m currently using the genuine WD USB cable provided to me as I dont ve another one. And regarding the USB ports, I’ve tried every single port. On 2.0 ports it doesn’t work at all but on a 3.0 port it gets installed but doenst show up in windows explorer and all those problems start again. The same thing with another computer. :cry: