WD Passport advive to recover please

wd my passport 500gb s/n [Deleted]

please help.

My hard drive was working perfectly last time I used it, however it wasn’t safely removed and now it will not open saying it is corrupt or unreadable. if plugged into my windows 10 computer it does not allow me to safely remove it (even though I cant open it) instead saying it cannot do that as it is in use. I have tried to open it on my windows 8 computer and I get the same message. since this has been happening I have been closing both computers before removing the drive in the hopes I’m not causing any further damage.

The only other thing I have tried is after searching for advice following instructions to chkdsk through both of these computers and also cannot access it this way. it just comes up as an invalid path when I put in the drive and aborts the check. if anyone can please advise me on the best course of action now as I use this drive to store pictures and there are some pretty important pictures which are not backed up.

I cut the pictures straight from my camera memory card to the drive, if the drive is unrecoverable is there anyway to restore them to the memory card (I have only put it back in the camera and switched in to see it was empty)

any help or advice id realty appreciate, thanks for tking the time to get this far :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I recommend you use a Data Recovery software to recover your data, and then reformat the drive to be able to use it again.
You can either try the WD recommended Data Recovery Partners or a free software online.