WD My Passport Ultra not opening in my Laptop

I have bought my my passport ultra 1 TB HDD from WD. It is not opening in my computer. I have added screen shot of Device manager.

I have very important files in this HDD. I trusted the WD so I have backed up all my important data to my passport ultra HDD. Now When I called to customer support they told me to replace my HDD with new one. But I want my data, not only the HDD. I have pics of my family in that HDD. even the pics of those people of my family which passed away.

So WD Community Please help to recover my data.

Thanks you so much.

Hi rajb865,

Is your drive is password protected?

It seems like the drive is not initialized and in order to initialize the drive we have to format the drive and that’s gonna remove all of the data which is in the drive.

So in order to save the data, the is only one option left to contact the Data Recovery or you can use the data recovery software if that help.

Please refer to the link given below in order to contact our Data recovery Partner and for the recommended Data Recovery software.

Hi Alex,

Drive is not password protected. I have tried with data recovery software but that did not help. Third party data recovery is very costly. I have very important data in this HDD. it really trust breaking to loose data from WD HDD. I bought it keeping in mind the quality and service of WD.

If possible please help me recover my data without any additional cost.