WD Passport 4 TB

After using my passport in win 10 I wasn’t able to read the content anymore. No physical damage has occured. Things worked normal first time I connected it to PC. When I did it next time I was able to input password correctly, but I got message that the HD is corrupted and unreadable. Another win8 PC gave the same message. The thumbnail is different and doesn’t show the capacity of the drive. Cmd prompt recognised the drive and its size. Data recovery tools cost almost as much as new HD so I would not like to take that option. So, I hope someone could answer to these questions: Why this happened.? Does data recovery also fix the drive i.e. reverse the time? Is there way to make this HD usable again even if it means that the current data will be wiped out?

Hi myport,
You can perform check disk repair command to perform Find Errors and Repair Error using command prompt. The command is written below. Make sure to run the Command Prompt as an Administrator while performing this function.

The command is
chkdsk /f “Drive Letter assigned to the drive” (For Example- e:)

Example command:
chkdsk /f e: ( In my case, the drive letter is E:, so I write the command in this way in Command prompt.)