WD MyCloud v5 firmware - BusyBox is v1.30.1 from 2020. Is it possible to update?

BusyBox banner on shell for my MyCloud with firmware v5 says 1.30.1 (2020-09-04). Firmware that’s three years old is generally considered to be a security risk and Busybox current is 1.36.1 from May 19.

Is there any way to see what WD plans for keeping the WD OS up-to-date?

Also, if anyone has docs on installing another OS like Alpine, etc please share - I’m not getting a lot out of these sporadic WD firmware updates and thinking a more community-supported OS might be a worthwhile undertaking.

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What WD device do you own? Does it look like the images shown for WD My Cloud Home shown for the sub-forums for the Home devices?


How did you get BusyBox?

Results of search for BusyBox using Knowledge Base.
Search Support | Western Digital

It’s always been there when I log in with ssh. Shows the banner for busybox.


You still didn’t say if you have a My Cloud Home. If you do then it’s time you updated the firmware.

My Cloud Home: Find Firmware Version (wd.com)

Thanks - II checked firmware and it’s at Firmware Version : 5.26.300. I am not sure what kind of MyCloud it is, the about page just says “MyCloud”. It’s not a Duo - only one HD and label just says MyCloud Personal.

When I did the firmware check through the admin page, MyCloud responds “the firmware is up to date.”

uname -a responds “Linux 4.14.22 #1 SMP Thu Oct 27 08:42:06 UTC 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux”

This thing is seizing and requiring a hard pull-the-power reboot every couple of days and the OS is three years old so I’m getting more and more willing to throw the dice as I don’t want to drop X hundred on a new NAS.

I’m no chef but can follow a recipe and have set up multiple Linux hosts, NFS, DHCP, etc so if you know of one please share, otherwise I’ll RTFG.


You own a WD My Cloud 2nd generation with OS5.

My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (wdc.com)

Online User Guide and Solutions for My Cloud OS 5 (wd.com)

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