Gen 1 new firmware

Jan 4, 2022, WD release firmware v2.12.144 for the Gen 1 Mycloud EX2. Only difference it it produces an annoying popup reminding is that we’re screwed after April 15. I wouldn’t bother updating.

What does the popup thingy look like? Is it “in your face” and does it come up every login or is it just a one time thing? And will 2.12.144 be considered the final update (possibly containing a killswitch that activates after April 15) or will there be another just before the final shutdown? If there are any final updates, I will skip it till after April as I still can’t decide on what WD actually means by restricting remote access. Will they just be blocking access to their services only, or will they lockdown the device entirely? I am using this box with Resilio and Syncthing, and would be mad if they cut off all third party access too.

Yes, yes, and yes. This isn’t the final update they were talking about previously, just the obnoxious pop up.

Huh. . .

I didn’t see anything about a firmware update.

TBH: I would avoid any firmware update for older units at this point.

I would carefully store any older firmware that is on your harddrive in case one ever needs to “Reload” the unit - I would not count on WD maintaining older firmware versions on their servers.

Good idea!

Edit: Just went to the WD website. The only download file format they have is a .tar file (not a .bin file):

WDMyCloud_EX2_GPL_v2.12.127_20181219 dot tar

Can this be used to downgrade the firmware if the last one is a bust?

I do not know the details of the firmware upgrade program.
It might not readily allow installation of older firmware.

If that is the case, the recourse would be to either (1) hack the firmware file to try and fool the firmware upgrade. or as an alternative (2) nuke the OS kernel and use the rescue firmware to load the older firmware. (this is basically the OS/5 reversion method. . . .of course with OS/5 reversion; one also deletes the configuration file which “shouldn’t” be necessary when going from OS3 version to another)

having the NAS without a single firmware upgrade for more than two years, despite some critical security vulnerabilities publicly disclosed with simple exploits can be avoided with a single line change in their FW, and seeing now a release which unique purpose is JUST TO SOME KIND OF FREAK OUT AND BRICK the devices to PUSH users to buy new devices, or even devaluate them in case they decide to sell it with the annoying pop up on every single log in is a marketing/selling practice at least not too ethic dear WD… even more considering you announced the product was discontinued long time ago to users… or it was just a way to avoid providing bare minimal support before actually reaching EOL???

Do it properly, and release a FW fixing the known CVEs, updating dependencies from the SW to latest versions and removing MyCloud configuration and service from the devices… DO YOUR JOB to decommission the product properly, otherwise do not expect users to keep investing… wasting $$$

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Well, there’s no chance of me ever buying a WD NAS product again. I got rid of two Gen 1 devices (MyCloud and MyCloud Mirror) last year but I was stuck with two EX2 devices that I needed and couldn’t sell. However, I ultimately did replace them with Synologys (for remote access) and intend to use the EX2s only for local storage of security camera videos.

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No, don’t get that. A tar file is basically a compressed bunch of source code and other bits that can be used to build the firmware from scratch - but it is not what end users should do anyway. In any case, WD tends to keep a recent version of their firmware available, so get it and keep it somewhere safe:

It is possible WD does not allow firmware rollbacks, so be aware of any implications before attempting to do so.

Thanks. Yes, that’s what I figured might be the case. The .bin file isn’t where the usual firmware downloads are located (eg the “current firmware GPL”) but I found a copy on the internet, too.

Good news. It appears WD allows firmware rollbacks after all, and without any checks whatsoever, lmao. Went from 144 back to 127, and back again to 144, and normal network access seems to be fine so far. Quite disappointing to see this from WD, but barring any policy change, this should be good for us if they ever screw up the final update.

Excellent! Thanks for the followup.

Good to know. I think at this point. . . I would NOT use any new OS/3 firmware.
What we have is what we have for these devices.