WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 soft reset taking very long time (36+ hrs and counting)

Two days ago I performed a 4-second soft reset on my 2-bay WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (by pushing a pin into the hole at the back for a few seconds to push the reset button), and normally the top light at the front blinks for a few minutes before the device is back online.

After the light was still blinking after 12 hours, the dashboard was down, and the device not accessible on the network, I did another soft reset the following morning (which I realize might have been counterproductive, possibly making a the process take even longer), which didn’t help either.

It has now been 36 hours since the 2nd reset - the top light is still blinking, and the device still can’t be accessed in any way, be it via dashboard or even just on the network.
Both drive lights are blue, although the 2nd one isn’t as bright (I think it’s flickering very quickly), and you can hear the fan going if you listen closely, so it seems to be doing something - whatever that may be (re-indexing? Synching the drives?)

So, the question is: any theories as to why it’s taking so long? And what to do now? Is this just a question of waiting it out, and for it to finish whatever it’s doing? Might a 40 second reset help, or would I risk losing data if I do that?

So just as an update: I had a chat with customer support, and they advised me to do a 40-second reset. They also said that a 4-second reset shouldn’t take days to complete, and this might be a sign of a failing device.

Fortunately, the 40-second reset worked, and the device is back online, and all the data seems to be there and accounted for. So I guess I should do a current backup to my external HDD at the earliest opportunity, as it’s been way too long since I last did that, to be honest

The right time to do a NAS backup is always “now”.

The mirror 2 devices are all old - - → so “senile failures” are not unexpected.

However, that does not sound like the issue in this case. Not sure what caused your problem; probably some network configuration problem. (That is the type of problem the resets resolve), Glad it worked out