Reset My Cloud

hi guys,

i have my cloud blinking a white light, after i doing reboot from dashboard. And now i can not have it change to blue.

Should i use the reset button behind the device ? Will it cause a data loss ?

I have my precious photos and videos of my child inside the storage.

please kindly advise.


i kind of desperate about this, any advise please :frowning:

be patient… and wait…

It can take 3 or more hours for the white light to complete its’ task…

I found out the hard way, just like you. I kept pulling the plug out … and of course the white light just means it is doing a chkdsk and it will take awhile.

So don’t reset your cloud otherwise it will take longer… but a reset won’t lose your data only your shares and user setups.

Good luck…

hi Ralph

thanks for your reply.

I just realized that, this storage is linux ‘debian’ based. i have just break the case, and manually backup the data via linux OS.  ( screw the warranty, even though i have just owned this for a week )

Well the data inside is more precious than the device itself, i will unbrick it with the firmware later.