"Quick" Reset is now over 12 hours

Bought a MyCloud 3TB last night. After setting it up, my share would not let me on; kept prompting for a password. So I did a “Quick” reset from the web dashboard which claims it takes minutes. After about 10 minutes I gave up and started looking for answers here about why it is taking so long. I have not powered it down or anything based on the wisdom here. It has now been 12+ hours. The LED on the device is flashing white and the Getting Started app will not find it. I reserved an IP address for it on my router before the reset but I can’t connect to it via the web dashboard or even ping it.

How should I proceed?

Update: I forgot to mention that I had a generic 20GB USB drive plugged into the My Cloud when I initiated the quick reset which I later unplugged when the reset did not seem to be progressing. Some posts here indicate having a USB drive connected during boot could cause a problem, I guess if this thing is not responsive when I get home this evening I will boot it again without the USB drive attached.

nods and just wait… for another 12 hours :stuck_out_tongue: well maybe 3 or 4 depending the amount of data that you have on it; wait for the blue light.

I am not sure if they fixed the problem with reseting the IP with a reset as users use to brick their clouds with invalid ip but a reset should have set that back to dhcp; so if you cannot find the cloud under the one that you assigned, it will be under a dhcp one.

If I remember correctly, you should be able to view the dashboard during the time of the white light which will give you great comfort that your cloud will return eventually if not immediately.

Got home and rebooted it without the USB external drive. It’s up now. Guess it was hung because of the USB drive. Thx.