WD MyCloud drive compatibility with EX2

I have 2 WD MyCloud 3TB servers.

Can I transfer the drives into a driveless EX2?

Hard drive wise, yes…but not data wise. Your My Cloud drives will need to be formatted first, wiping out all data on them, before being able to use them. EX2 and My Cloud don’t have the same OS…so you need to start from scratch.

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Thanks for the information.  Do the drives have be formatted before physically installing them in the EX2, or will it be formatted as part of the EX2 setup?


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To answer your last question, no, you don’t need to format the drives before putting them into EX2. After you put them in and turn EX2 on, you will have to go to web dashboard’s storage settings, and then set them up with RAID or whatever…it will then format the drives.

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