Can I pull the drive from a basic MyCloud and use it in a diskless MyCloud EX2?

I have a 3B My Cloud.  Beasue I need to do remote backups, I’ve realized I need two EX2s instead.  Can I buy a diskless EX2 and then move the disk from my original My Cloud to the EX2?  If I d, will I have all the functionality of the EX2?  I’m not too worried about the data as I’ll move it independently.  I just want to know if I can use the hardware inself and reconfigure it to work with the EX2.


Yes, I believe you can, since My Cloud comes with a WD green drive and is listed under compatible drives here ->

To be sure about what drive model is inside your My Cloud, you can run this command on your old My Cloud via an SSH session:
hdparm -i /dev/sda (I’m guessing the drive is under the device /dev/sda in all probability…if that doesn’t show up anything first run fdisk -l to see under what device is the hard drive listed)

Having said that, I strongly recommend you don’t re-use the green drive in your EX2 as its ideal usage is for desktop use, but rather buy red drives whose firmware are optimized for NAS usage. Using a compatible drive like a green one will work, but may reduce the life of the drive…and it might fail sooner than expected, depending on your NAS usage. Why go that route anyway? BTW, if you did buy an EX2 with disks, they do come with WD red drives.