Install WD My Cloud Drive in WD My Cloud EX2


I wonder if it is possible to disassembly a WD My Cloud drive and install it in WD My Cloud EX2? I have already taken the drive out and inserted it in EX2. But the drive is showing a static red light on the EX2? My guess is it is because it needs to be formatted or something? The drive have a lot of data, and i guess i need to delete it all? How can i do this?

So my question is: How can i install a drive with data in EX2? I already backed up my data into the drive that is in slot 1, so deleting data on the old drive is not a problem, i just want to use the drive in my EX2 :slight_smile:

I have successfully installed 1 drive, but this was a brand new drive. For the second slot i am using the drive with data from My Cloud

Are the two internal hard drives the same model? If so, access your WD My Cloud EX2’s Dashboard and set a RAID array. This will erase the hard drives and create a storage volume.