WD Mycloud can't see Win10 PC's

My WD Mycloud, (bought last year, probably be old stock) randomly refuses to connect to Win10 PC’s (ethernet and/or WiFi) but connects OK to iPad and Android. Or sometimes Windows Explorer will connect via the network and access files, but MyCloud Dashboard says the drive it is inaccessible, as does the WD online login procedure.- all at the same time! Dashboard says to upgrade the firmware, but as it can’t see the drive this is not helpful.

@englishgent What are the LED’s on the rear of the My Cloud doing, if anything. What color are they?

Your My Cloud connects to your router/network by ethernet cable, not wifi.

Have you rebooted your computer? I had to reboot mine this morning to get everything to show. it happens every now and then!

A Firmware upgrade flashes the chip on the logic/processor board … If the Dashboard is prompting you to do it, then it doesn’t need to ‘see’ or access the hard drive to do it.

I would recommend you click ‘Yes’ to upgrade the Firmware and hopefully that may resolve the issue.

Special Note: Once you click ‘Yes’ to upgrade the Firmware … be VERY patient as the whole process may take a while. ie. don’t sit there and watch it … walk away, leave the room and come back in 15~20 minutes and it should be done.

thank you Joey, however at the moment Dashboard “can’t reach” MyCloud at I tried pinging that address and it says Destination host unreachable but no packets lost ! Chrome can’t reach the address and hangs. A different Win7 PC on the same switch can’t reach it either. I have reset the switch.
Meanwhile, Win10 File Explorer>network, is happily downloading files through the same switch so it’s seeing it all the time.
I’ll leave it for a while until Dashboard recovers and try the upgrade.