WD My Passport won't show up on my computer

I love the Western Digital products, and even have two of the My Passports, however one of them is not responding when I plug it in to my computer.  Any tips on how to get my external harddrive to respond?  I have changed cords, I have checked to make sure it had the accurate firmware.

Does the My Passport’s LED change status correctly when plugged into your PC?   (I believe it should have ONE White LED, which is steady ON unless the drive is being accessed, in which case it flashes.)

Does the unit otherwise work correctly via WiFi when NOT connected to your PC?

Is the WD My Passport the Wireless model?

Are you using an older computer with WinXP or Vista? The MPW comes formatted as ExFAT and partitioned as GUID and both are not supported on WinXP and on older Vista computers. The device will be recongized (messages when plugged in and seen in Device Manager, as a drive, but doesn’t have a drive letter mapped to it). I just had this happen to me with an older computer I use for my photo booth.

ExFAT is not supported on WinXP 32bit and early WinXP 64bit. Check Microsoft for requirements (SP + Hotfixes). It is also not supported on early Vista systems.

The MPW can be reformatted to NTFS or FAT32 but we careful because FAT32 doesn’t support file sizes over 4GB. This limits movie video files sizes. 

Let us (The Community) know if you need help how to reformat.