WD my Mirror IPv6


is there any way to activate IPv6 in the My mirror ?

I read in the www the My book has IPv6 support, some older NAS has ipv6 support but i didnt find IPv6 in the mirror :confused:

At the time of this post the WD My Cloud Mirror does not feature IPv6-related options within the unit’s Dashboard configuration/admin page.

It would be interesting to know is this only a missing feature by the dashboard or is ipv6 kernel module missing…

But its funny that the my book has a actve ipv6 feature and the mycloud has not :weary:

The My Book is a USB drive. It has no network support at all.

We talk about the WDCM not the WDMB.

But the problem is solved now with the Synology DSM firmware IPv6 is running fine.

In theory Boecki83 if you wanted as well you could recompile the source code OS with IPV6 option=1 which would in theory enable that. I wish i could load DSM6 on mine but the process doesn’t work.