IPV6 DNS information not capturing

As IPV6 Day is approaching playing with it now, setting it up, etc.

The NAS captures the IPV6 IP addresses. Does NOT capture the DNS address. I have to manually put in the router’s IPV6 address. With IPV4 the NAS grabs the router’s address for the gateway/DNS server. Which is correct.

With IPV6 the NAS captures only the IP for the NAS. Does not capture the router’s IP so the NAS has no information for the IPV6 DNS/Gateway. Which of course it needs to connect to the web, check for updates, etc.

Your post sounds like a good feature request. It would be best to place it in the WD Community Ideas section for voting and awareness. However, I’d recommend searching if this has already been proposed so you could add your vote.

Network Product Ideas

Except its not an idea for a good feature. The feature is already included. It simply doesn’t work.