SNMP My Cloud Mirror

Hi hope y’all well :slight_smile:

I need to enable SNMP on my WD My Cloud Mirror NAS (4TB) for Nagios monitoring, but i have been aware from WD that it isn’t provided as an option and i cannot do so.

After browsing the forums, i can see that it is possible by enabling SSH and installing SNMP

No SNMP on the 4TB myCloud Personal? (link within this link also)

I’m just very cautious of bricking my NAS, as the instructions are quite old. Has anyone been able to do this and provide assistance? I understand about voiding my warranty on this device if i do so but i really do need it enabled.


Hi WDN00by,

You can refer the link mentioned below to enable SNMP on the My Cloud Device:

Hi Brandon,

as mentioned in my initial query, the WD My Cloud Mirror does not have the option available to enable SNMP. This model does not have it

" My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror consumer products do not support SNMP."

hence the SSH route to install SNMP. Please could someone advise.

As mentioned, it can be done according to here but instructions are old, so wondering i could get some assistance?