Adding IpV6, networking

I want to include my WDMyCloudEX in my local IPV6 system. I have looked at the settings and not sure what they are or where to find the values necessary. I am able to identify the IPV6 gateway and DNS from doing an IPConfig on my main desktop home computer.

thank you

You may want to see the dedicated EX subforums for your EX unit to see if there is any discussion on using IPv6 with your particular unit. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay/single drive My cloud units.

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I sorted out my answer. You can use DHCP and it will pick up all but the DNS server. A search of the internet reveals IPv6 DNS servers. With this info you can set a static IPV6 address. I would suggest that one of the two DNS servers you can set be your IPV6 address of your local router/gateway and the other a good public IPV6 DNS of which there are many utilities to find the best one for you specific network.

Using IPV6 seems to have made it faster in it’s response with the MYCloud remote app. I also under general setting found that you can set the timeout feature to as high as 30minutes.

This seems to have fixed my issues.

Thanks for this forum as it has answered a lot of questions for me.