WD MY Cloud Sudden Red Light Issue

Hi everyone i hope someone out there can help with my issue.

I have a MY cloud 3TB and randomly and suddenly the red light is on at the front of the drive. I have not received any warnings or had any problems with the drive to indicate a warning i just suddenly noticed the light today. I have investigated the issue a little bit further as from what i understand the red light is either a drive issue or network issue. The drive i believe is spinning and I’m presuming functioning correctly however when i have logged into my router at home the cloud is not showing up as a connected device.

Does any one have any suggestions in how to fix or troubleshoot the issue ? Thank You in advance

If you have a gen2. The led turns red when the network connection is lost. The gen2 p/n ends in 10.

@topgun433 What are the LEDs on the back doing, if anything? Check the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud. See LEDs.

On some models, the red light comes on when the drive is almost full.