WD My Cloud streaming issues


I’m new to this community and looked for an answer for a long time and have’nt found it so maybe someone here can help me
I have a My Cloud 1-Bay Personal Cloud Storage (Gen2) 6TB connected to my home network by LAN connection
I’m using it to store and stream video and audio files to 2 NUC PCs i have with windows 10 and i’m using KODI 16 as my me media library\player (both are connected via LAN as well working on a 100MBps home connection)
My problem is that always while streaming video files after about 20-30 minutes into the video it stops and goes back to the media library and when i press Play again it continues from the same time it was stopped
There are no network interruptions but it’s kind of annoying so i’m wondering if anyone here knows how to solve it

Thanks in advance,


Does the same happen when playing media files using a player other than Kodi?

How is Kodi accessing the My Cloud, DLNA or via Samaba/SMB/file manger type connection?

Didn’t try on other players, however when streaming videos from shared folders on the NUC there are no interruptions
As far as access i think it’s through DLNA
When trying to see the WD my cloud on the SMB it does not appear

What is the streaming app or program on the NUC computer?

Is the NUC computer managing the power of the NIC card or WiFi adapter used by the NUC? If so could be the network connection is getting temporarily cut by the computer as it puts it turns it off or puts it into low power mode then the network connection is being reactivated when you test the network connection. Could be some sort of sleep setting or inactivity setting since you indicate the streaming stops at around 20 to 30 minutes.

On each NUC, KODI 16 is installed… as far as sleep settings, both NUCs are set to sleep after 3-4 hours
The problem only occurs when streaming from My Cloud
For example: if i have a shared folder on the NUC in my bedroom, i can stream video to the NUC in the living room and there aren’t any interruptions. stream works perfect even for 3 hours shows
Streaming is stopped only when trying to stream from my cloud so i think they’re might some additinoal settings i need to do on my cloud to prevent them

Try streaming via Samba instead of DLNA/UPnP. I have a device called Pogoplug that will stop after about a half hour, too, when DLNA is used, but once I had shared the drives on the Pogoplug to the computer, files stream fine using SMB. Don’t know why DLNA has problem, only know files stream fine via SMB.

Streaming via SMB with Kodi is much better anyway, as it allows you to use the various scrapers to identify content, and get the pretty background and title page images…

And you get to choose the file organisation, since you can choose to selectively add files.

Thanks to all of you
cpt_paranoia: even when building a library via DLNA o have all the scrapers for my content, so that works fine
How can i make sure that it’s set up through SMB, when looking at the SMB network location through the KODI i can only see my other pcs but can’t see My Cloud