Streaming is interrupting so many times!

Hopefully someone can help me with a terrible problem… i installed my new WD My Cloud 2TB: so far so good!!!

But streaming music or video’s is not going well !!! It stops so many times and i really don’t know the reason why…

I also use an internetradio-player and a Mede8er-mediaplayer and streaming than is never interrupting while using this devices! So it’s not my new Ziggo-modem. I use nothing wireless, only using ethernet cables but also wireless there’s the same streaming problem. When a song or video stopped i start it again and it goes well for a second time or the song or video stopped again on another place… i bought this NAS basicly for streaming audio and videos but it’s not a (stable!) succes. Does anyone know a solution? Make me happy… please!

Welcome to the Community. How are you streaming the files? Are you using Network shares, DLNA media servers, or WD My Cloud for mobile devices?


I’m sorry: i don’t know the difference between the three you mentioned… what i can tell you that i’m streaming from the WD My Cloud to a Network Roku Soundbridge 1001 ( connect to my home cinema system. The second option i’m using is streaming to a Sangean WFR-29C and suitable for DLNA musicstreaming…

If you just uploaded a lot of new content on your cloud, it is probably busy indexing, thumbnailing and this can affect access performance dramatically.

After a couple of days though, this type of issue is going away.

Other suspects could be the cabling between the NAS and the router. Try different cables.

Does the interruption happens when you play the files from a computer (for example using Windows media player)?

I’ve had good luck with turning off the “Restart on NIC changes” setting in the Advanced settings in the Twonky configuration.

Thanks TonyPh12345 !!!

Your proposal seems to be the solution !!! Great !!! It works well now for several days and maybe the last software-update also contributed to this? I get more and more satisfied with my WD My Cloud now…