Odd pauses watching videos streamed over local wi-fi

Had anyone else experienced this.

I’m the only user of mycloud, it’s on the same network as the laptop I’m using. I’m using VLC media player for everything steamed, and I’ve set the cache to 30 seconds, so that should be plenty to make up for any interference.

Sometimes the videos run fine, sometimes it’s every couple of minutes, and can just pause for up to ten seconds before resuming.

I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but my laptop’s running Ubuntu, and the files are coming through as smb shares, not as if they were from a mounted drive.

Any help/solutions greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


I’ve just noticed that the same thing happens with music being streamed :frowning:


Does you have the same issue if you try to streaming while connected via Ethernet?

Definitely wifi related. What is your throughput via wifi? Also check via lan. I do experience similar sometimes but over wifi (still using N mode) for large 15gb+ mkvs. On 1gb lan it’s smooth streaming simultaneously from multiple devices.