WD My Cloud - Password Protect

Hi all,

I need some help, i have a wd my cloud connected to my router via ethernet.

i have setup a new folder on the drive and have given it private access, media sharing is on and i am the only user. I also in the setup configuration given a username and password setting for myself. However, when i go into the network map  my computer it comes up with username and password required - which is great, however when a new user log on to my computer and the network drive shows on there network map they can go straight in and access the folder which is password protected for me?! Surely this is wrong! How on earth do i limit access so everyone is prompted for a username/password scenario if they are on my network? Its the same issues for users? So if they create a user id i get to control what they do/see yet if they dont create a user id then they get full access! Its crazy how bad this is.

What OS is on your computer?

With Windows 7 and later, at least, that won’t happen.   Users have independent credentials.

I don’t remember how Windows XP worked.