Network Password WHY?

Howdy yes I’m a newbie, I did a search on my little problem but did not really see a fix. I created a user for myself and named it Dad (made it password protected). When I open up the drive I see all the users I have created and when I click on a user that is not password protected it opens right up. But when i click on my own personal user I am ask for a Network Password. I have had no luck getting past this point, I have made the password simple as can be, still no luck. By the way I’m running win 7 This is a new cloud just bought this weekend and I have updated to the latest firmware. I am running Ver V04.04.01.112. Below is what I get when I click on my name, It’s apparent I’m doing something wrong just don’t know what. Does anyone have any suggestions ?


You need to connect to all mapped network drives using the same credentials. So if you connect to a share that does not require a password, it will connect as your PC username. When you then try to connect to your Dad share as MyCloud user ‘Dad’, it won’t let you; seems to be a Windows limitation.

The answer is to unmap all drives, and connect to all the shares you want using the MyCloud ‘Dad’ username and password. Tick ‘remember my credentials’.

If you use ‘map network drive’, it will give you the option to ‘connect as a different user’. This is the option you want; enter your MyCloud username and password.

thanks for the feedback, turns out that under shares I had all permissions set to no access. I went in and changed dads access to full and I was able to get in. Going to be a little learning curve.
Thanks again for the help