Wd my cloud for dummies? HELPPPPPPPPPP

!Is there such a thing? Ive never experienced such a complicated and misleading product to set up. I am about to give up. The information in the box is poor, and the information on the web is just misleading with so many variations. can someone please just clarify in really basic steps what action i should take. Do I need to be installing any programs in additional to plugging the device in? ive seen smartware, backup and many many more…albeit not all recognise my device anyway! Ive switched on, set up acct…does this mean its now working??? Thanks in advance

Depends, what do you plan on using the My Cloud for? Generally once setup one can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder (or similar file manager) to copy files to or from the My Cloud on the local network.

To set it up one does not need to install any software. Simply use a web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard. The Dashboard is where all configuration of the device is done. And it is where you add Users and Shares.


You should read through the My Cloud User Manual (http://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) if you haven’t done so already. The User Manual explains in general terms how to setup the My Cloud and configure/use its various features.

One can see the WD Support section for the My Cloud to find more information:


One can also see the following two links to learn more about the My Cloud:

One can “map” the My Cloud to their local computer to make it easier to access using either Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.



So this is device dashboard i got this far does that mean its all working ?
Is the backup just taking place with no further action from me

Im not technical justhoped i couldplug it in and know my two laptops are backed up…

The My Cloud is just a basic network attached storage device. Think hard drive that all devices on your local network can access. It does not backup a computer by it self. to backup a computer you need to use software (WD Smartware, Apple Time Machine, etc.) on the computer to backup that computer to the My Cloud.

See the My Cloud User Manual link previously provided. The User Manual has a chapter (Chapter 4 Backing Up and Retrieving Files) covering how to backup a computer to the My Cloud and how to use WD Sync to sync content (different than a backup) to the My Cloud. The previous links above will also let you download WD Smartware or WD Sync.

Hi, instead of typing the same reply that was given to another, here is the link. I am sure you will gain info from reading this link:

Joe I agree with everything you say!
I feel like throwing my device mycloud out the window.

  1. For a start why would you have two logins
    I.e one to see the health of your device
    And then the my cloud. Why ! Just should be in one.

  2. Why extra apps, just put them in the menu and if you need it you can use it.

  3. The hole idea we buy these devices is to one
    Cler and free up your hard drive and copy to the my cloud. Why isn’t there one button that does this !!!

  4. The other reason is to save on buying space on Dropbox , icloud etc.
    so why isn’t there a button to empty drop box and store on my cloud and empty iCloud and store on my cloud button !!

  5. Add all iPhoto’s to my cold and delete of pc/Mac. And a reassure button to say it’s done.!!’

That’s it ! But no your right, all the developers can’t keep it simple , manuals pages forums, videos etc! That just cause confusion.
Off course we can watch read and listen , but who has time for all this.

I just want space on my Mac and save to mycloud and get on with my life !

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