MyCloud 4tb setup Installation windows 10

I cannot install the wd windows setup file . It errors out on the second step where it can not find the cloud device .

However I can access the device through the portal . Also I am able to access the device though network ( after adding windows credentials and enabling network discovery ) .

I am already coiying files and can view them on the WD app on my iphone .

Should I ignore the setup completely ?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can dispense/ignore the setup software. The My Cloud can be entirely configured through the My Cloud Dashboard. The setup software just simplifies the process a little bit. See the following links for how to acess the Dashboard and how to setup the My Cloud using the Dashboard.

Depending on your needs you may not need to install any WD software, and can “map” the My Cloud to your local computer and use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder for quick access to the My Cloud. See the My Cloud User Manual (, or the Dashboard Help, or the My Cloud Learning Center links ( and for more information on the My Cloud and its features.

Thanks Bennor .

Yes the device is working as I expected for now . The Dashboard works fine and I have mapped the device successfully . I just thought that there might be something which is not configured correctly as the setup was unable to detect . Glad to know I can just ignore it .

Thanks again