WD my cloud does not send srt files via dlna in special case

Firmware 2.21.126
Step to reproduce

  1. Copy movie to wd my cloud
  2. Check if you can see movie on tv via dlna
  3. After you can see movie on tv, copy srt file with exact name to folder on wd where you copied movie.
  4. Play movie.

TV cannot load substitles, it looks that during indexing srt file was not there and wd does not check folder again.

Solution: rebuild media server.

I don’t want this because it will also show on tv last added all content, even only one movie was copied.

Can Media server stop caching srt files?

Hi tino1983, this forum (WDLabs Community) focuses on WDLabs products and activities, so you may not get the feedback you need. The forum for MyCloud is at this location: https://community.wd.com/c/personal-cloud-storage.

I’ll ask the web team to move your post. You can also re-post it there if you’d like.