WD My Cloud does not accept devise security certificate

While I managed (with help) to get the WD My Cloud device to work properly last week (see former post “Ping request does not find host wdmycloud”), the WD website no longer accepts the devise security certificate.
This reflects the use of a single router.

The WDMyCloud device can be fond in the McAfee My Network screen.
All My Cloud shares can be viewed and opened locally using WD Quick View or WD Access.
The Dashboard can be accessed, but shows “ Not secure | http://IPaddress/UI/ “ in URL (with Not secure in red font).
Attempts to access WDMyCloud remotely produce the webpage with text: “Can’t connect to WDMyCould”, and 3rd bullet with text: “Accept your device’s security certificate ”, which after selection leads to a webpage “Not secure | “ in front of URL and with text: “This site can’t be reached device6894308-2177faa7.wd2go.com refused to connect”.

I have been through 5 or 6 cycles of disabling and enabling the remote access of the My Cloud devise (each time with a 5 to 15 min waiting time), 40 sec reset on power up, router reboot, PC reboot, but nothing appears to work.

The My Cloud device has been connected to the primary router since solving the prior problem last week. The change to no longer accepting the security certificate started after using the 2nd router for connecting a 2nd PC where I tried to connect to the My Cloud device remotely. The 2nd router was connected to the primary router network via a switch (which based on the previous recommendations looked like a safe way of doing things) and I did not expect any problems. After removal of this 2nd router (at it’s permanent relocation to a box in the basement) the problem did not disappear.

Is it possible that settings in the primary router are changed, causing this problem?
Any recommendations on how to resolved this problem?
Thanks for your help.

Since I suspected an issue with the primary router (Fios G1100), I attempted to access the router page. Using the Fios provided IP address, the initial web page informed me to accept the security certificate on the next page. Attempting to do so, this led on the next page to a security warning similar to the one described above. I contacted Verizon, described the problem and they concluded that this was “a know issue”. Based on the queue length it will take a few days to fix this problem.
Will keep you posted.

Fix is here.