WD My Cloud 2TB not working

I have a problem with my WD My Cloud. When I click on the icon named WD My Cloud Public Share ([Deleted-Privacy])

i get a message saying "Windows Cannot Access \\Public

Then it says "Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problem, click diagnose."And when i click on diagnose it says “Troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem” Also when i click on icon named WD My Cloud Dashboard ([Deleted-Privacy]) I get a message saying “Internet Explorer cannot display the page”. My internet explorer works by the way. Something is worong

Can someone please help me to get this WD hard drive to work. Can u explain in easy terms without getting too technical how to fix this problem I have alot large mp3 files which i want to transfer to this WD My Cloud. Im on windows 10
Thank you

Is the LED light on the front of the My Cloud Blue? Are the back LED’s on the My Cloud lit?

First guess is the IP Address for your My Cloud probably changed. When that happens one can no longer reach the My Cloud when using an IP address. If this is the case then…

First step is to open up a web browser window and type in “http://wdmycloud” (or the name of your My Cloud if you changed the name from the default “wdmycloud”). If you can reach the My Cloud the WD My Cloud Dashboard should load in the web browser.

Next step, one which will require you to access your router’s administration page, is to configure the My Cloud for a static IP address to prevent the IP address from changing. It is recommended one set the My Cloud static IP address within the router and not the My Cloud. If one wants to set a static IP within the My Cloud they can do so via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network page.


You should read through the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) if you have not already done so. It generally explains in simple terms how to use the My Cloud and how to configure the various features of the My Cloud.

And one should visit the My Cloud Learning Center to learn more about their My Cloud. The Learning Center has a variety of How To videos and general directions.


It is also recommended to “map” the My Cloud to one’s computer to make it easier to access using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.



THe LED is blue. Yes my ip address for my cloud changed. This is like the 4th time it happened.

“It is recommended one set the My Cloud static IP address within the router and not the My Cloud”

How do i do that?

Also when i looked at the “How to configure a My Cloud or My Cloud EX4 drive with a Static IP” page, Step 5
it says
"Assign a permanent address to the My Cloud under IP Address. This address will be the same address that will be assigned on in the router. Also, fill in the correct Netmask, Gateway and DNS information. If the DNS information is unknown, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). " Where do I find a a permanent address and how do i get the netmask , gateway, and dns information?

So which method should i use the
set the My Cloud static IP address within the router or set a static IP within the My Cloud
Please respond thx

oh i forgot to says it is working now I removed the setup software and i installed it again. It works now but i have a feeling the ip will change again. This is a very weird problem i have, Its frustrating

As indicated above you access your router’s administration page. You can do an internet search for your router model for either the router’s user manual or for general directions on how to configure the router to reserve an IP address for the My Cloud.

Ok i finally managed to connect to my router administration page. I still don’t know how to configure the ip to static within the router. Here is a routers user manual Hitron CGNM-2250 Advanced WiFi Modem - Guide but i cant find the info how to do it. Where is the info on how to do it. I already sort of know how to configure the ip to static within my cloud. I did some research and i kind of know how to set that up that but not through the router.

The link you provided isn’t really the full user manual since it doesn’t explain all the router’s settings. Some internet searching does’t appaear to turn up a full user manual. Instead there is the following administration screen (from http://setuprouter.com/router/hitron/cgnm-2250/screenshots.htm) under the Basic menu option within the router’s administration screens. It would appear you would need to select DHCP Reservation to setup a static IP within the router for the My Cloud. It is not clear if you would have to set a reservation for every single device on the local network or if you can set just a single reservation (for the My Cloud).

I’d try looking for an actual manual. This, for instance, came up on a Google search:


Thank u for finding the manual. But my model is CGNM-2250. Are there similarities between them? Also this manual has 114 pages Where do I look. Thank you again

can someone please respond. thx

Have you tried setting the static IP as indicated in the screen capture above for the CGNM-2250 using the router’s LAN Setup > Private LAN Setting page?

A quick glance at that manual suggests that both hardware and software are very similar to yours. Have you looked through it, and tried out any of the menu structures to see if they look like yours?

Reading some of the manual, it looks to be very good, in that it has explanatory text describing the basics of the relevant facilities, and what they mean, before going on to explain how to use the menu system to control those features.

‘Chapter 4 Basic’ looks to be the area you need, but it might be worth reading the entire manual to learn about networking, and how your modem/router works. I’d suggest changing the DHCP lease time to infinite, if possible, for your MyCloud, so that its assigned IP address won’t change.

I don’t have your router, so I can’t walk you through step-by-step instructions. You will have to read the manual and experiment with your router settings.

I haven’t done that yet. I’m kind of scared to do it cuz I’m not 100% sure what will happen when i select DHCP Reservation. I don’t want to screw things up. Is it ok to select that option without problems?

Ok I selected the DHCP Reservation from the Basic Settings menu. When i clicked on it I get a new window saying
Clients from DHCP Table
Its a table showing client name, IP address, MAC address, Add
And there is under client name WDMyCloud, IP, MAC adress and add option to add it

So do i click on add and save changes. Save channges is at the bottom of the table. So do i click on that too? Thank you

Without knowing or seeing the actual screen I would assume yes you would click on the “save changes” at the bottom of the table to save the IP reservation table.

So i have to click add first right then save it? ok i got the screenshot of DHCP Table. How do i upload it in this post?

You can upload images via the post editing tools upload icon. See the icon highlighted below.

here it is

Yes; just click Add and Save Changes. I’d then expect the device to appear in the ‘Client Already Reserved’ table at the bottom.

As cpt_paranoia indicated select the Add button to the right of the My Cloud row, then select the Save Changes button at the bottom of that window/dialog box and the reservation for the My Cloud should appear or be listed in the Client Already Reserved section.