Can't connect to WD My Cloud Dashboard

After installing all my WD MyCloud 4T system, everything was working fine. I followed the instruction updated the firmware and software. Everything was working fine.

Now after 2 days suddenly the ‘WD MYCloud Dashboard’ and the ‘WD Cloud My public share’ are not working any more. It shows that it is not able to connect, using the IP

‘WD My Cloud smart ware’ and ‘WD My Cloud are still working’

Looks like a connection problem but it is very strange becuase i didn’t change anything.

Is there another software update required or is there another solution?

Please help.

Best regards, Maarten

Are you sure you’ve got that IP address right? Home networks are normally 192.168.x.x rather than 198.168.x.x ? Does work, or have you typo’d below?

If that isn’t the cause, then try connecting to your router’s dashboard (usually, or in your case maybe if that is how your network is set up) and see if the router’s DHCP server has assigned your MyCloud a different IP address for some reason (e.g. if it’s been rebooted).

If that has happened then you may want to look at assigning your MC a fixed IP address within your DHCP server list. Most routers can do that, but it varies from router make to make (see the router manual for details).

Hi Darren, you are right i made a mistake on the IP, it is 192.168.x.x.

After that I looked in my router and the it showed instead of

I changed the address in properties of the icon on my desktop and now it works again.

Thank you very much, best regards, Maarten

Good news :slight_smile:

For this reason as I said I’d recommend that you set your router up to have it always assign the same IP address to the MC in its DHCP table.

Alternatively rather than using the IP address in your shortcut, you can use its name instead. For example if your MC is named “MyMyCloud”, rather than using you can use http://mymycloud and your router should resolve that into the correct IP address (at least my MyCloud Mirror does that fine).

That has the advantage that if the IP address does change due to a different DHCP assignment then it will still be found by the shortcut link (as you’re basically telling the router to go look-up what address it’s assigned and then use that). But assigning a fixed IP address in the router (or even a static IP address on the MC itself, but that’s a bit more complex) is simpler and can be a good idea.

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