WD My Book Live and Mac


I hope someone can help me with a rather frustrating issue that I am pretty sure is an issue for Apple not WD, but I’m having no luck there. I have issues with the connection between a mac and the MBL. Trawling through the internet, all comments and issues regarding this relate to Time Machine. I do not use Time Machine, but have a different issue.  

I have a WD My Book Live, connected through home Router. I have, for the past couple of years, been using it to store all my music collection on. I use Itunes on a Mac Book Pro, and point the Itunes Folder to the MBL. This has worked fine…until…I upgraded to OSX Mavericks…oh dear. 

Now, the connection is unusably slow, even when using Finder to view the contents of the MBL, it takes forever for anyhting to even show in the Finder Screen. Then, when I open Itunes it becomes even slower. Music will not play, it keeps stopping and starting, and trying to add music to the library takes hours. 

So, can anyone help with what the issue could be. I have updated the Firmware on the MBL, as well as updated the Mac. 

I also have a Window laptop and it is super speedy when viewing the MBL.


Not had the same issue, but I changed my router & Mavericks (which had played quite happily with the My Book Live before that), became very unhappy, though the phone & tablet saw it still. 

One suggestion I saw somewhere was to reset it - which seemed to partially cure it; then uninstalling totally & reinstalling “WD Quick View” completed the fix. Not really sure why WD Quick View had much to do with it; re-setting it (even though it’d picked up the same IP address as before, I’d checked that before I’d switched routers) did make sense. 

Maybe you could try resetting and/or reinstalling the software??