Unbearably slow with Mac


This has been covered elsewhere I know, but not being an expert the answers haven’t helped .

I purchased Mybook Live to use as my main storage for music, videos etc. I have a Mac book Pro connected to it (and yes its connected by cable not wireless). Anything that involves transferring data on to the MBL is unbearable. Trying to add an album to itunes takes well over half an hour. aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh

Now, there threads that I have read in here point to a problem wth Mac’s AFP? and there are a bunch of remedies for this that are frankly gobbldy **bleep** for a novice. 

What are WD doing to sort this issue out for a novice, having bought the product in good faith, it’s really a very panful thing to use. 

And yes, I have updated the firmware and the latest WDsmartware etc etc.

Hi, first check if some of the recommendations on the link below help.