Doesn't work with itunes on my mac

First of all, transferring 1TB of music from my computer to the Mybook Live took 5 DAYS!!!

Secondly, now that I have all my music on the network drive, Itunes takes forever to read the shared folder and finally when all the songs appear, they do not play for some reason. Extremely frustrating. 

Thirdly, all the music stored in different folders does not show up on itunes even after i have granted password access to those drives. 

Certain folders open up on my mac but do not open on my PC. 

I hope something good comes out of this. I am thinking of just scrapping this hard drive and getting an apple time capsule instead. Total waste of time, money and energy for nothing!!!

Just the fact that it took more than a few hours to transfer 1TB of data tells me that your network is TERRIBLE.

All of the other issues support that hypothesis.

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Hello, same problem here!

Transfering my music took 18 hours. When I play music sometimes the music strubbles. Does that mean that my network speed is to slow? And to solve the problem, do I need to buy a new router? 

Same problem here: I copied 80 GB from USB drive to “My Book Live 2TB” - This took 4 hours.

Now, that iTunes is directed to the new directory on “My Book Live” (the process of locating the files in the subfolder took 3 hours, the process of analyzing them for uniterruptible playing took another 3 hous) iTunes hangs every time I start it. It takes rb. 30-40 minutes for the “rolling colored ball” to disappear - and than I can play the songs. If I end iTunes or restart the Mac the same issue appears.

Can you help me with that?

I’ve just measured the performance:

I startet iTunes at 6:41 am … now at 7:47 am I can use it!

I’ve got 10.241 titles in my iTunes library …

Even an USB 1.0 drive is faster with that (I used one befor buying and installing the My Book Live)!!

Please HELP!

Now, nearly every action takes iTunes rb. 1 hour down: synching the iPhone, adding mp3 to the library, restarting iTunes, …

PLEASE help!

You can’t help me/us with that issue, can you?

Do I really have to send my MBL back to the reseller and buy another product from another company, because of the missing support?

Have you actually ASKED WD for support through the official support channels, or are you just assuming someone from WD would be responding to you here (which they seldom do.)

In case you didn’t know, this is NOT a WD SUPPORT forum.   This is a USER to USER forum.

So, just to answer your question, if no one responded, then apparently no one here has any information for you.

Do I really have to send my MBL back to the reseller and buy another product from another company, because of the missing support?

Do whatever you need to do.

Here’s what I can tell you.  I have approximately 3000 audio files on my MBL.

When I start iTunes version (on my Win 7 PC)

When I click the MBL within iTunes Shared Libraries, it takes about 3 seconds for the entire list of 3323 items to appear on the screen.

So, I can’t help you, because I’ve never had the problem you describe.

I would suggest you go ask your question on the iTunes community.

Of course I contacted the support with this issue - they didn’t really understand the problem (they thought I is some kind of Twonky problem - but my iTunes library does not use twonky).

When I use the library within Shared Libraries the formerly sorting and playlists are “lost” (they are made within the original iTunes library). So I want to use my old library (that one that needs >1 hour to work properly).

Same thing here.

Filled MBL 1TB with 17000+ songs - took 1 hour, if so.

Indexing and calculating gaps took the same.

Now, iTunes loads fast - seconds.

But network is Gigabit - maybe this is the difference.

Good luck.