My book live not loading to itunes (on PC)

Hi, new to the forum. Just bought mybooklive and installed my music to the shared music file. My itunes displays and plays off my laptop and my wife’s laptop and shows the mybooklive in the shared library but will not open it. After lots of research it look like it may be the new itunes update (10.5).  may be the problem. Should I try to find a earlier version of itunes to reload until apple comes up with a fix? How long should a 200 gig library take to load up?  Looking forward to your replies.


Go into Shared folder properties and double check the sharing/permission  settings. They can be a real pain in Windows 7 and Vista. Sometimes they get changed by updates or other software.


thanks Joe, silly question but do you mean the shared folders in windows?  What would be a resonable amount of time to load 200 gigs of music (music already loaded on my book live) to my itunes ?



not only do you have to turn on media sharing globally, but you need to go to the MBL dashboard, go to the actual share folder you set up for music, and enable music sharing for that folder as well.  I think he means you should check that.

I’d just use iTunes 10.2 - works fine with everything, and Apple really hasn’t added anything useful since than…

It’s supposedly fixed in the firmware that just landed today.

Regardless I’d still stick with iTunes 10.2 - Apple broke compatibility with a lot of stuff, not just WD stuff… let Apple get its act together before rewarding them by upgrading…