MyBook Live 2TB iTunes server doesn't seem to be working?

Just picked up the 2TB edition of the MyBook Live.  Plugged it in, copied over my itunes music, downloaded the latest firmware upgrade.  When I head into iTunes on any of the computers in my network, iTunes seems the MyBook, but when I click to look at the songs it’s just blank. 

I have a WD Live Plus as well and when I turn that on it will show up as an iTunes homeshare and all the songs are listed in there on iTunes, even though it’s using that same drive to stream music.

At any rate, it’d be great if I’m overlooking something.  Latest version of iTunes installed on PC, latest version of firmware on the drive.  iTunes server is turned on.  Hmmm.

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Did you enable MEDIA SERVING on the shares you copied the files to?


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I did not - not sure why I missed that.  All better - thanks much!

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i have the same problem. Mybook lvie 2TB. Running latest FW.

My itunes server shows up in itunes on my network computers but there is nothing under them. The server shows as blank.

i do have media serving enabled for the respective shares. Crazy thing is when i reboot my mybook drive… after the reboot…i see music etc in itunes under the shared library… but eventually (i dont know exactly after what time though) it will disappear…
any ideas…also i notice and in my itunes, the shared library of the my book live only shows a “Playlist”. is that normal?

i though it break down by artist album etc…

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