MyBookLive slow to sync with iTunes

Hi all:

I am running a MBL into my router and have set up my iTunes library on it to save space on my MacBook Air.

Everything works great but when I sync my iPhone, it is SUPER slow. It is the same when adding any new media to the phone. 

Does anyone have any tips/tricks for speeding things up?


Guess not.

All sarcasm aside, does anyone have any ideas or where else I may ask?

I’m guessing there are no speed issues moving files back and forth that are NOT related to iTunes?

Hi TonyPh12345:

I hadn’t actually thought about it or tried a direct transfer, but I just did and it’s also very slow. I did a quick bit of research and I *think* that if I add a gigabit switch into my mix, that should resolve the issue, correct?

Please forgive my ignorance!

I don’t know if this is helpful or not. but I checked in my router’s settings and the MBL is listed as 1000Mbps Full-Duplex.

You need to look at your whole network…

What type of router do you have? Is it Gigabit on the LAN port that is connecting the My Book Live (MBL)?

Is your router recent? is it 802.11n or 801.11G? G speeds are much slower, so if you are trying to connect wirelessly, this could be your real bottleneck.

If you are connected wirelessly, you should directly connect the MBL to your computer or directly connect your computer to your router (via an ethernet cable). This should give you some idea of the speed and take the wireless out of the equation.

Other factors could be :

Antivirus software - certain AV software can cause up to 30% reduction in speed.

Where your router is located - how strong is the signal to your laptop? If it is behind several walls, this can severely degrade the performance.

Hi WDTony:

The router is an Actiontec v1000h (runs b, g and n). I just ran a speedtest of the wireless (I am about as far away as I could be in the house right now) and it was 10.83 Mbps and the wireless seems plenty fast.

Running a Mac, no AV.

I will try a direct connection in the morning and compare speeds as well but if you have any other suggestions in the meantime, please let me know.

Thank you!

Check out some of the suggestions from this thread:

I’m not sure what Samba is, but I don’t think I have it. Using a MacBook Air and a MyBookLive.