WD My Book live 2tb stopped working

i bought a wd my book live last week and it worked for 2days and i started traferring some data on to the drive and it stopped working now. What ever i do i can’t access to the drive and it is having a solid Green LED.

I can’t ping the address, tried reseting to default but no luck. Any help please?

Hi there,

I have the 1tb and had a similar problem. There is a reset button on the back of the actual unit itself. While the power is on you must press that button with a paperclip for about 4 seconds, this will cause the drive to restart and hopefully be seen via the web UI.

Try using http://mybooklive/UI/login to login in to the dash there will be no password.

Just thought you might like to give this a try :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice already tried that many times with no luck. I coudn’t see the drive on the network.

Well Solid green means it has a network IP address and is functioning. Do you know the IP address of the drive? If you do you can type that directly into a browser. If you don’t, many routers give the IP addresses of attached devices in the router management UI. It could be that somehow the MBL changed IP addresses (given out by your DHCP router), and your windows box is confused now where it is.