My Book live (1TB)- Blue light (some flickering)

I have not been able to get the light to turn green. I’ve stuck a pin in the reset and no difference. I have tried different cables and different router positions.
I am on windows Vista, but want to migrate it to my Windows 10 (It was working there a few days ago).
I reorganized my router and cables prior to this issue, so something went wrong. I have seen lights flashing when I powered it up and re-connected the ethernet cable, but I no longer see them.
The connection software fails to find it on my network.

Maybe unplugging it for 5-10 minutes was necessary or holding the reset button for a minute or so. But, it finally turned green and reconnected.

But, I’m doing it again, as I tried to set up another router. This device is really finicky, but it does work when your setup is stable. It finally turned from blue to red and then white, which precedes green, so should be good soon.