WD My Book Duo loud noise (fan?) but not recognized by Windows

We have a 12 TB My Book Duo that we’ve been using in the JBOD (individual drives) configuration. Immediately upon connecting it to a power source, it starts making a really loud noise (fan?) but at no point is it being recognized by Windows. With the fan running at full speed, it’s hard to determine whether the actual hard drives power up. Is there a fix to this? If not (enclosure failure?), is there a way to access the data? I’ve been reading on various threads that the data is encrypted and can’t be accessed by other enclosures. Does this still hold true?

It’s hard to pinpoint when this issue started. The Duo had been connected to a power source, but not to a PC when we became first aware of the issue.

Really, no one?

I haven’t even gotten a reply from WD support, which I had contacted immediately.

I would like to know whether I can just take out the drives from the enclosure and access the data otherwise. I’ve read of cases where people have taken their drives out of the enclosure, put them back in, and their data isn’t accessible anymore.

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